6 Hacks to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits


A healthy habits life is what everybody desires. To live a healthy life you have to ensure that you do everything in the right way and avoid all habits that may be a threat to your health. Below are the six hacks that when followed appropriately will enable you to live a healthy life.

Healthy Habits are mentioned below:

  1. Set Achievable Goals: Most people make mistakes when making resolutions by them putting up goals which are hard to achieve. For example, you may find someone saying, “I will jog for 50 kilometers every morning”, which is somehow impossible. Evaluate yourself before you set habits for such workouts. This evaluation will assist you in knowing what you can achieve and hence your set reforms will be achievable.

2. Join Friends or Groups.
The main reason why most people procrastinate is due to lack of follow up. When with a friend or a group, you can’t afford to miss that jogging session as it will be fun compared to when you are alone. For example, when alone you can decide to skip the jogging session may be for a nap or watch your favorite TV show. Not only follow up but your friends will make your new healthy habit seem more interesting eliminating the boredom of working out alone.

3. Exercise through your hobbies
So as to effectively engage in your new healthy habit, it needs to be something that you like and maybe enjoy when doing it. You might prefer riding a bicycle to swimming, then I would encourage you to do cycling because you will experience more fun while doing it. Whether swimming or exercising you will enjoy it at the same time exercising.


4. Set Fines for Missed Events
Sometimes the temptation to miss a certain event may be high and to curb it, you need to set fines that will make you feel it while paying them. For example, you may have a scheduled plan of swimming every afternoon. You may put up a restriction stating that when you miss it, you are will exercise twice hard the next day or maybe you will give $10 voluntary to your friend. This will make you skipping to healthy habits practices close to nil.


5. Have a reason for every healthy habit.
Before you start off on any healthy habit, have a clear reason as to why you are doing it. A practice without a reason will be more of a waste of time and chances of skipping it are high. But with a clear reason, this will act as your determination towards accomplishing the set task. For example, some of the reasons may be; ‘I want to start jogging so that I can reduce weight, I want to weight lift so that I can build muscles.’


6. Try New Habits
If you are bored by your old habits, then you should try new ones and see if they work well for you. When starting a new habit, you should have a positive attitude towards it. Avoid the syndrome of hating a habit before you are even familiar with it. You may find a habit boring at first but you never know it may turn out to be your favorite later. Discover other interesting habits.

You now got the hacks, put them into practice and your new healthy habits will work out well for you. Just one secret, don’t procrastinate. The earlier the better, get your habits going.