Bradley Smoker BTDS108P Review


If you like the digital feel and can’t get enough of the default programs, many buttons and display displays then the BTDS108P Bradley Smoker is right for you. This smoking is probably one of the easiest to smoke where available because it is fully utilized and therefore a good value for beginners.

The smoker comes with the necessary digital controls and an auto wood chip uploader that enables you to easily load tha220n 23 wood chips over 8 hours of controlled smoking. This is one of the best smokers for home use and is also an excellent investment for a busy restaurant where chefs may not have time to think smokers regularly and occasionally.

Bradley Smoker has Good Looks

The BTDS108P looks outstanding with a smooth matt gray design and its digital control and wood loading system. It offers a contemporary or modern look tied to any cooking area.


Bradley Smoker BTDS108P Review 1

Smoking habits are probably one of the most important factors. After all, you may not only need a smoker, you need a smoker who can do what you need to do as quickly as possible. Here are the best features of this portable smoker;

Digital Controls – Digital control gives you the ability to set the temperature, cooking time, cool smoking time and time settings of the smoker.

Auto pallet feeder – Some smoker requires you to manually load wood to smoke but this smoker is completely automatic which means you don’t have to smoke at all. The automatic burner feeder that feeds you will take care of all the preparation work.

Strength – A smoker is larger than 17 x 14 x 31 inches and a total food load of 520 inches to allow for loading multiple food sources to cook more smoke in one place. The smoker is also fitted with 4 chrome chrome paintings that can be adjusted to height for easy placement on it.

Inhalation – A smoker is fully implanted which significantly reduces the temperature and smoke loss even in the cold.

Separate burns – This smoker is very different in composition because it contains different burners that distribute the smoke and heat evenly.

Temperatures – This smoker can reach a maximum temperature of 280 degrees within minutes of starting it down.