Citizen Eco Drive Watch Review


In the event that you were searching for a plunge Citizen Eco Drive Watch to buy, it would be significant for you to get one that will address the majority of your issues. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are an expert jumper or somebody that would simply like a pleasant garnish watch to swagger around with.

For the situation that you are a jumper, you would need to ensure that the citizen watch meets the majority of your prerequisites. A jump watch can decide the life of a jumper. This is on the grounds that the instrument you will use to tell to what extent you have been under the water and when to turn out for another oxygen tank. I wouldn’t have any desire to envision what it would resemble coming up short on oxygen when you are 200 meters under the water.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Watch Review 1

There are a lot of brands of plunge watches available and it is extremely fundamental for you to ensure that the one you are purchasing is really a jump watch. The explanation behind this is on the grounds that all watches appear to slant with a similar structure, regardless of whether it is a game watch, jump watch or some other sort of watch.

Some will accompany bezels complete with tempered steel lodgings for extravagant reasons, while others will come prepared for plunging, but they appear to be identical.

Before you rapidly hop into purchasing a plunge watch, the most ideal approach to discover what the best brands are is to do intensive research. Because of the web, that is something that could take a brief span as you experience client experience surveys of the various items on offer. You ought to particularly be quick to look at the determinations and highlights of the plunge watch.

In this article, we are going to survey the Citizen Eco Drive with Blue PU Band. This is a somewhat intriguing jump watch that accompanies an intense blue urethane tie.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch Review 2

It can require some investment becoming acclimated to the blue tie, however, the shading blends in well with water.

One preferred position of the lash is that it is long and can fit easily onto a wet suit or an individual with huge wrists.

The watch accompanies a strong form that is a lot thicker than the ordinary watches. You can plunge with the watch for up to 660 feet (200 meters), which is reasonable for generally jumpers. The watch accompanies an extravagant matte completion that makes it less intelligent and not very splendid.


Enormous iridescent orange spots supplant numbers, and the hands are likewise radiant orange. This is particularly great in light of the fact that being brilliant, they retain light and when you go into the dull pit of the ocean, they mirror that light back, empowering you to peruse the watch when you’re uninformed.

The turning bezel of the watch is tight and so as to pivot it, you need to clutch the edges, implying that the bezel is firm. We would have favored a marginally greater date window yet it is alright.

With the end goal for one to utilize it, the crown must be unscrewed, a great sign that this watch was without a doubt made for jumpers. Plunge times are given on the band in meters

This extravagant looking watch can likewise be worn by individuals that are not jumpers, and furthermore by ladies that will in general incline toward greater watches. Another decent aspect regarding this watch is the way that it begins ticking when you open it to light since it has a sun oriented controlled battery.


  • Round watch highlighting unidirectional bezel and blue dial with date window at 4 o’clock and radiant hands/hour markers
  • Eco-Drive innovation is powered by light and never needs a battery
  • ​43 mm tempered steel case with mineral dial window
  • ​Japanese quartz development with a simple presentation
  • ​Molded polyurethane band with clasp conclusion

Water impervious to 200 m (660 ft): by and large, appropriate for expert marine action and genuine surface water sports, however not scuba plunging


The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s BN0151-09L Promaster Diver Watch with Blue PU Band is a plunge watch that is a value for your money. It is tough and accompanies every one of the highlights required for a jumper. The watch additionally looks extremely extravagant and can be worn for different exercises.

The mineral glass can oppose most scratches, not being as solid as sapphire, and the packaging strong, implying that you could be utilizing the watch for the following couple of years without agonizing over it bombing you. The 20 bar water weight rating is magnificent for jumpers, and they can go up to 660 feet down.

With this eco range watch, you won’t need to consider supplanting the battery at any point in the near future. About the lash, I feel that despite everything it looks entirely cool, and the blue shading compliments the hues in the packaging.

Lastly, the battery at any point is needed in the near future. About the lash, I feel that despite everything it looks entirely cool, and the blue shading compliments the hues in the packaging.