Cuisinart Coffee Plus CHW-12


Everyone who buys a Cuisinart Coffee Plus has to deal with that one issue when you still have to keep the kettle just around the hot water. You want that cup of tea from time to time, you need to make breakfast or sometimes you just need a small cup of hot water to clean. The Cuisinart CHW-12 is the perfect machine to help you overcome this problem because it not only allows you to drink delicious coffee, and has a hot water system that you can use for an endless number of other purposes.

This is the perfect coffee maker for home or office use. It is expensive, easy to use and gives you everything you need for your coffee bar.


Cuisinart Coffee Plus CHW-12

Overall look

The overall look of Cuisinart is excellent. It comes in silver and black, has a compact design and puts all the controls you need on the front screen. A combined coffee maker should look bad in your kitchen or inside any office coffee bar.


Cuisinart SS-12 Coffee Center Brew Basics, black/silver

This coffee maker may seem simple but it packs a few awesome features that make it one of the leading coffee makers on the market. Here are the top features of the Cuisinart Coffee Plus CHW-12;


Cuisinart has a digital LED time indicator that makes it easy to see the exact time. Fully configured and can be set to auto on, auto off, programmed or brew function. It has 3 easy access to temperature settings and lights that indicate when you need to add water and when the water is ready.


The drinking side of this coffee maker has a waterless stem and takes 12 cups of coffee. The coffee maker has a 54-ounce water storage facility and is equipped with a temperature controller. The brewing feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee quickly while boiling and the machine is equipped with a coal water filter and a ton of gold filter that removes impurities from your drinks. The hot water side gives you quick access to hot water that you can use for a variety of purposes such as soup, tea, oatmeal, cocoa, instant coffee and more.


This machine is easy to clean. It has a removable suction tray and the top cups of the coffee maker make it easy to soak up with water or ground coffee or remove the filter for easy cleaning.