Welcome to Astonish Works, with this blog post- I will share information on 7 highly paid online jobs that you can read in a very short time and make it at home to make money!

If you read blog posts and watch my videos for a while, I believe you know about my work !, I work as a Virtual Assistant, I work from home and I live well every month with online jobs!

To the best of my knowledge – I will share the highest paid jobs online where anyone can learn and make a living by doing it.

Without further ado, let me start by sharing details of the work I do to make a living!

7. Virtual Assistant:
I have been working as a Virtual Assistant since 2014 and have been assisting clients by providing assistance with Data Entry, Web Research, Lead Generation, List Building and Social Media Management services.

Starting from $ 3, from today, I make $ 15- $ 20 US DOLLARS per hour, which is great money for a South Asian boy, and if you look at my job role!

However, if you just search for the profile of freelancers on Upwork – most Virtual Assistants make over $ 30 per hour depending on their skills and level of experience!

If you have the necessary skills, there are several online markets such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.com to join and find suitable jobs to make money.

If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant – you can follow my tutorial videos from the links below:

1. Data Entry Data

2.Generation Guide – Email List Building List

3. Email Marketing Lesson

6. Graphic Designer:
In this digital world, visual arts are one of the most important things in almost every business. Promoting any product or service or creating brand awareness – business owners and managers try to reach out to designers to have their own Logo, Business Cards, Brochure, Info-Graphics, T-Shirts, etc.

From $ 10 an hour, experienced photographers make over $ 60 US dollars an hour in the private market!

Succeeding in the Graphic Designing industry requires constant practice, ingenuity and the ability to think outside the box!

Graphic Design is very cost effective and fun to do the work. You would love to learn this skill if you could have a good mentor to guide and help you!

If you are interested in learning Graphic Design, please check out some of my recommendations at BEST COURSES ONLINE:

1.Final Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

2.The Illustrator CC 2019 MasterClass

3. Photoshop CC 2019 MasterClass

5. Video Editor:
Video Editor puts a photo, adds and edits video clips, makes color corrections, sounds, annotations and gives life to the visual story!

You can learn video editing and understand it in a short time by doing extensive practice exercises.

Depending on your skills and experience growth, you will be able to make more than $ 100 per hour by doing online video editing activities.

If you are interested in learning Video Editing, here is the number one link, HOW TO PURCHASE AND CENTRAL ADVISORY Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Course at Udemy with over 138,518 registered students!

4. Web Developer:
Whether it is a software business or an eCommerce store, having a well-functioning website is key to standing out in the competition.

Again, this is where the Web Builder comes into play. As a professional Web developer, you will be able to work with clients on a one-time basis or as a full-time employee to manage everything that comes with the management of their website.

It takes months of learning and practice to grow as an important web developer and you will be able to make $ 10 more than $ 100 us dollars per hour online.

If you are interested in building a carrier, check out the FINAL KINGS to Learn Web Development From Home:

1. Web Developer Bootcamp course to start learning, in addition to 473,567 registered students and 4.6 stars from 140,547 ratings! (Counting more!)

2. Complete Web Designer for 2020: Zero to Mastery:


3. Sales Author:
When it comes to advertising and business growth, copywriting plays a big role, and Sales Copywriting is ranked 3rd on my list of high-paying jobs online!

A person who analyzes strategies and writes marketing talks and copies of sales text is called a sales copywriter.

It takes amazing practice, trying to learn to write a successful sales copy and become an expert in the field.

An Expert Marketing Writer can make about $ 20 – $ 135 USD per hour as a Freelance Copywriter.

If you are interested in Copy Copywriting, here are some great tutorials to learn and learn from:

1. Complete Writing Course: Write Sales

2. Copywriting – Work From 3 Hours A Week!

2. SEO Specialist:
We live in a digital marketing arena where almost every digital business is promoting its services through website content, blogs, and social media platforms.

Businesses need traffic to get information, customers, sales and profit.

SEO is a must have when a business wants to make a small investment but always returns.

As business prices grow each day, the need for SEO professionals is very high, and very expensive!

You can make good money every month by gaining knowledge, skills, and SEO testing.

As an SEO expert, you can make about $ 25 to $ 100 USD per hour and anyone can use SEO skills to make INCOME streams of income as well.

Here are some highly rated SEO courses:

1. Start and Start an SEO Effective and Profitable Home Business

2. SEO Masterclass A-Z + SEO For WordPress Website And Marketing

3. Complete SEO Training Masterclass 2020

1. Translator:
If you already have a lot of language skills – you are ready to start working as an online translator, Interpreter.

You may need to translate someone else’s speech, message, commercial videos, marketing materials, business documents, social media content etc etc as a translator.

Depending on the situation, and the experience, the translator can make $ 15 – $ 150 USD per hour by doing online activities.

Click on the link – If you are interested in learning how to become a successful Freelance Translator!

So, this was a list of 7 most paid online jobs you can learn and do at home to make a good living.