Masterbuilt 3616DEWS Electric Smoker Hollow Review


Do you have an extended family or own a small restaurant? Then we might tell you how much it would cost to buy Masterbuilt 3616DEWS Electric Smoker Hollow. These snacks are the perfect creature whenever you feel like managing your family and friends. Smoked meat and food give off a mouth-watering aroma that no other food preparation can emulate or offer. If you want to start treating yourself, your customers or family and your friends with delicious meals regularly without breaking your budget then it’s a good time to invest in smoking.

We highly recommend Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS because, not only is it big enough for your extended family, it also comes with a hot glass door that improves and facilitates smoked food.

Outstanding Design of Masterbuilt 3616DEW Electric Smoker Hollow

One of the first things you will notice about this 36 ”smoker is the good shape. It is totally eye-catching for its dark matt design and we are so grateful for the glass door that doesn’t burn and the interior light. The glass door makes it easy to see how your food works, giving everyone a fun idea to enjoy while smoking and it just heightens the overall appeal of your cooking experience.

Features: Masterbuilt 3616DEWS Electric Smoker Hollow Review 1

If you smoke to cook in bulk then you will need a good smoker with all the necessary features for easy cooking. The last thing you need is to have all of these foods come out wrong. This smoker contains many advanced features that reduce the 164 tremendously smoke reduction following;

Digital Control – Digital controls with LED display make it very easy to smoke different types of food to your exact need. Just press a few buttons and you have complete control of the temperature, time and even the smoky functions.

Sideloading Smoke If you hate turning on a smoker just to add more wood chips you will love this smoker. It is covered with a side tray that allows you to add more chips without opening the smoker to lower the temperature or smoke.


Size – This is one of the biggest donkeys in the market. A 36-year-old smoker has a height of 20.6 x 23.3 x 47,5 inches with a food loading capacity of 3.0 cu.ft.

Weight – As expected from such a large smoker, it is quite heavy and weighs 62.2 pounds

Max temperature – This 1500 watt smoker can reach a max temperature of 250 degrees within minutes and is all the heat you will ever need for preparing bulk food quantities.